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German university

Egypt's Students Cry Foul

VonMohamed Amjahid, Amory Burchard and Tilmann Warnecke

The German University in Cairo has been criticized for expelling students and discouraging protests. The university's German partners are keeping their distance.

The GUC student protest at the death of classmate Yara Tarik in March. The Insider GUC via Twitter

GUC Protest

The GUC student protest at the death of classmate Yara Tarik in March.

The German University in Cairo (GUC) sees itself as a “mediator and promoter of democratic development in Egypt.” It was founded more than 10 years ago under this premise, which is still stated on the university’s website today.

GUC is the biggest university abroad that is supported financially by Germany, and it is a prestigious project for German foreign and education policies.

However, since the Egyptian revolution in January 2011, things have been happening in and around the GUC that do not fit with the university’s self-image.

Politically active students are being muzzled, no longer being admitted to examinations and now also thrown out. The president of the student union, Karim Naguib, was suspended a few days ago for “inciting unrest and upheaval.”

Eight other students who were also engaged in the student organization will be suspended for one to four semesters.

“The GUC prefers to have well-behaved students who only study and do not get involved,” said Nadine Kassab, 21, who was studying management at the GUC up until recently and was vice-president of the student union.

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